About us

The Massive Violins are a musical ensemble of singing cellists. They play music from a variety of musical genres, all using the cello and voice.

Founded in 2010, the Massive Violins have performed concerts in venues across the UK and internationally, including a biannual concert at Cecil Sharp House, a residency at Hornsey Town Hall and regular appearances at festivals including the Isle of Arts Festival, Ventnor Fringe, Lawnfest and Frinton-on-Sea. The ensemble were also crowned winners of North London’s Got Talent in 2016.

Saul Berkovitz

Saul, cello and vocals, is a baritone and likes to play his cello as if it is a slap bass. He is also a homeopathic doctor.

Jess Chandler

Jess, cello and vocals, is an alto and specialises in only singing duets. She is also a poetry publisher and editor.

Grace Chatto

Grace, cello and vocals, is a soprano and specialises in playing extremely high cello lines. She is also a pop star in Clean Bandit.

Ricky Chatto

Ricky, cello and vocals, is a bass yet sings in falsetto most of the time since he is type cast as a young child in many of our arrangements. He also makes cellos.

Camilla Farrant

Camilla, cello and vocals, is a soprano and aims to sing in as many styles as possible in every concert. She is also a choir director.

Matthew Hammett-Knott

Matt, cello and vocals, is a male soprano and tenor, and specialises in duetting with himself. He is also a film writer/director.

Guido Martin-Brandis

Guido, cello and vocals, is a baritone and specialises in impressions of Johnny Cash, Elvis and Caribbean lobsters. He is also an opera director.